We can’t thank you enough for performing at our company Christmas party last night. Your magic was amazing and all our children, no matter their age, thoroughly enjoyed the shows you put on. We especially liked the table magic tricks you worked in and around all evening.

One of your new admirers is a three-year-old who – before last night – was afraid of magicians because she thought they would make her disappear forever. I saw that she was watching you closely but really came alive once you brought out those steel hoops and did your tricks with them. She was squealing with delight the rest of the show.

You get nothing but rave reviews from all the GXS party-goers.  Thanks so much!”
Dianne M.
Administrator, Ohio Data  Center

“Thanks so much for performing at our Holiday Party. Your magic show was very entertaining. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed it.

You did a wonderful job captivating the audience. Everyone was in awe at the end of the evening. I would strongly recommend your magic show for any event. Thanks again.”
Michelle A. Genet
Marketing Coordinator
Meaden & Moore


  1. I am so greatly appreciative to Richard for helping to make our THI End of Summer Cookout Fundraiser a success. He was easy to work with before the event = always responsive and entirely professional. Then, during the event, he was witty, entertaining, engaging to our guests and his magic was totally amazing. I am a huge fan and will definitely invite Richard to other events.

    • Because I asked Richard to perform twice within three months, I’d like to consider myself one of his “regular” clients. We invited him to join us at our holiday party in our downtown Cleveland condo December, 2013. He did not disappoint. One of our guests said he enjoyed our party but was frustrated by the magician because he just could not figure out where that tennis ball came from. And,as a personal note to Richard,”thank you for putting up with those who, obviously, drank way too much. You are a patient, kind man.”

  2. I have had the pleasure of using Richard’s services several times in the past, and have always gotten rave reviews from the attendees. I would not hesitate to hire him again.

  3. Jennifer Gilliland

    I met Richard tonight at Silver Lake Country Club and he was amazing. On one of the worst snowy days of the month there wasn’t a single dinner cancellation due to weather. The dining room was packed and Richard did a great job making time for everyone. Even the group hanging out in the bar. And the magic was amazing. Can’t wait to see him again! Thank you so much for a fabulous night!!

  4. I have had Richard at a few parties. He was awesome!
    Everybody there asked about having him at one of their affairs. He is always a hit

  5. Hi Richard, just to thank you for your performance yesterday, and to tell you that everybody was pleased (especially the kids!).
    You also integrated the adults, which was fun for them. But in particular, more than one person noticed that at one point, after you had asked for volunteers, you called on the only little girl that has not offered herself to participate (because she is very shy, and was also missing her mom). We do not think that was a coincidence. On the contrary, you purposefully chose her, and by doing that, you helped her feel more comfortable later for the rest of the party. One of those tiny little details that may go usually unnoticed.
    Anyway, very well done. Some of the guests asked for your information.
    I suspect yesterday was not the last time we will see your work.
    It was a pleasure to see you again, after a while that we haven’t been around St Dominic’s.
    Pablo and Silvia.

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